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IGNITE Digital Roundtables – IGNITE

We are delighted to announce the IGNITE digital roundtables on ‘Design Thinking & Maker Culture: Sticky Learning for the 21st Century’. The digital roundtables, which will be held on Wednesday afternoons through April via Zoom, aim to explore how we can leverage digital technologies and new methods of teaching to promote ‘sticky learning’ — learning that is retained well after it is taught.

Our speakers will cover subjects, such as digital innovation in teaching and learning in the humanities, flipped classroom teaching, maker culture as new forms of meaning-making and knowledge creation, how to prepare humanities students for a new labour market, and how can humanities knowledge take on and create solutions for global challenges while facilitating the digital transition of society.

The digital roundtables seek to explore these themes within the wider areas of education within the digital humanities, cultural studies, and the creative and cultural industries, both as part traditional educational curricula as well as lifelong learning.

Abstracts of the roundtable sessions

All the abstracts of the roundtable sessions are available here:

Instruction on how to join the sessions on Zoom

The roundtable schedules and the Zoom links, as well as the login IDs and the passwords, are shown below. Each session requires different Zoom links, login IDs and passwords.

Please see the Instruction for attending a webinar on Zoom:

Certificate of attendance

A certificate of attendance for each of the sessions of the IGNITE Digital Roundtables can be provided upon request. The certificates will be issued after the end of the IGNITE Digital Roundtable series. The applicants should make sure to join the session by using their full name and submit a form via this link.

Twitter Side Channel for IGNITE Digital Roundtables

IGNITE Digital Roundtables run a concurrent twitter side channel: @dariahTeach & @acdh_oeaw Event #tag: #IGNITEroundtable

Session Schedule

Session Moderator:

(To be announced)

Guest Speakers:

Eveline Wandl-Vogt—Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria)
Makers Make: Creating Humanity Centered Open Organizations for the Purpose of Good

Ludovit Labik—Tomas Beta University (Czech Republic)
Filmmakers Collaboration on the World’s Digital Revolution

Florian Bettel—University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria)
Digital Knowledge about Research and Teaching – A User-Centred Design Approach

Akshata Bhatt—Dhempe College of Arts and Science (India)
Design-Thinking Formal Correspondence: Gamification as Learning Intervention in Curriculum Delivery

Please join the session via the following link:
ID: 480-259-487
PW: 187957


Session Moderator:

(To be announced)

Guest Speakers:

Peter Knobloch—University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria)
Maker culture and industrial development and production processes — possibilities and limitations to improve the sustainability of products

Vladimir Aleksic—University of Niš (Serbia)
Story Maps and Open Education in the Flipped Classroom

Esther Aminata Kamara—Maastricht University (the Netherlands)
Digital Oral Histories: a Critical Look at the Practice of Preserving Oral Histories and How This May Reflect on Digital Humanities/learning

Stefania Savva—Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)
Design Thinking in Interactive Digital Narratives for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: Museum-school Synergies in Museum Affinity spaces

Chiara Zuanni—University of Graz (Austria)
DigiCulture: a MOOC for Creative Industries Professionals

Nimrah Syed—Ontario College of Art & Design University (Canada)
Embracing Design Thinking for Sustainable Fashion

Please join the session via the following link:
ID: 757-151-602
PW: 760815


Past Sessions

Session Moderator:

Marianne Ping Huang (Aarhus University)

Guest Speakers:

Reya Saliba—Learning & Student Outreach Librarian at Weill Cornell Medicine (Qatar)
Using the Flipped Classroom Model to Promote Critical Thinking and Lifelong Learning Skills

Barbara Heinisch—Researcher and Lecturer at University of Vienna (Austria)
Co-creation in Citizen Science as a Form of Lifelong Learning for Cultural Heritage

Martin Gerner—Freelance Sustainability Manager, Simulation-game Designer, Lecturer at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences  & Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)
Third Mission Calling – Accessing Creative Learning Environments through Blended Service Learning

Please join the session via the following link:
ID: 187-696-722
PW: 088507



Session Moderator:

Marianne Ping Huang (Aarhus University)

Guest Speakers:

Jasmina Maric — University of Borås (Sweden)
A Brief Analysis of Teaching for 21st century Skills at Web Content Manager and Designer Program at the University of Borås

Susan Schreibman —Maastricht University (Netherlands), Marianne Ping Huang —Aarhus University (Denmark)
Design Thinking & Maker Culture in the IGNITE Curriculum: From Theory to Practice

Guido Stompff — Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
How to Practice Design Thinking & Making

Rikke Toft Nørgård  — Aarhus University (Denmark)
What can we learn from using game Jams in higher education? Perspectives from teachers, students and professionals

Please join the session via the following link:
ID: 813-834-258
PW: 526147


April 16, 2020 at 03:12PM

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