Revue de presse : Renaissance Giant Lego Figures Project 2017 by mfritz

Renaissance Giant Lego Figures Project 2017 by mfritz



Overview and Background

This is part of a cross-curricular project on the renaissance that includes art, history, and literature. As part of the project each student researched a famous figure from the renaissance. They created a "fakebook" page for their figure (instructions for this part of the project are included along with examples). The renaissance fair also includes food, music, and games. This project is done near Christmas, so the students also decorate a gingerbread castle for their characters.

For the 3D part of the project the students created a Lego head and accessory for their Renaissance figure. Students can use the Renaissance Starter kit on Tinkercad The bodies of the Lego figures were printed in advance.

Lesson Plan and Activity

  1. Each student selected an important person from the Renaissance as the subject for their project.
  2. Students researched the life of their subject
  3. Students created a "fakebook" page for their subject (see lesson outline and example)
  4. Students opened the starter kit on Tinkercad or they can download and edit the blank head model
  5. Students customized the blank head to look like their figure. Some features (eyes, nose) can be drawn on later and don’t need to be modeled in 3D
    6.Students made an accessory for their person. The accessory should have a width of 12.5 mm to fit securely in the hand.

Students may fill in the neck hole of the head when adding details like hair. If this happens use the Neck Hole STL, turn it into negative space (hole) and combine with the head to clear out the neck space so it will fit on the torso.

The banana shape generator on Tinkercad is good for making mustaches and beards. Take care that the facial hair doesn’t extend too far below the chin or it will get in the way when you try to add the head to the torso.

It’s difficult to attach the arms to the torso with the pins. The teacher should do this step for the students.

Materials Needed

Print the bodies ahead of time to save time.

via Thingiverse

November 24, 2019 at 11:16PM

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